What’s your passion?

My purpose is to inspire the hearts of 1000s so they they can inspire the hearts of 1000s, so that those 1000s turn into millions and eventually billions. We have a choice here on EARTH right NOW in this divine moment to ether wake up and be part of the solution or continue to feed the problem with our fears and lack that we are not deserving of love or a quality life.

We can continue to play in lack, scarcity — believing the words based on fact of previous experience. We can continue to hold on so tightly to a life that is no longer aligned and stay stuck, small, unseen and unheard creating dis-ease within the biological systems manifesting to disease. We can continue to not make that jump into the unknown, wait for something to shift while doing the same thing every day, we can continue to let life go by on autopilot. Do you want to continue being part of the old paradigm systems? Supporting what has always been so it should continue to be? Do you want to keep running around in a lack of time, never quite managing to call in the life you truly desire?

Do you want to keep waiting for something to shift? Or do you want to take charge? To look at your life and make a change ? the change you know you came here to embody?

Do you want to know how to access those pieces of your soul purpose than can gift you clarity, direction and joy?

Do you want to know the magic formula for trusting? For taking that abundant leap forwards and how to know you will land for beyond you could ever imagine?

We did not come to this planet to suffer, we came here to thrive and as more of us awaken to our divine power of light we pave the way for others to awaken to their true potential.

I see the shifts in humanity as we learn to focus our attention on our intentions and it starts with the knowledge of the heart and becoming masters of our own vibrational experience.

As we gift more we must also learn to receive, to create, to play, to forgive and practise the fundamental basics of love, joy and gratitude to gift us the experience of connection, grounding, peace and presence upon Earth.

As the feminine rises in her divine potential, the masculine is invited into her sweet embrace so he too can awaken and remember.

As the swirls of energetic creation, emotional intelligence and creative expression are utilised through the divine union of sovereignty life becomes more fluid, lighter, free, joyful and abundant.

There is a grounding never quite felt before as those pieces that we held onto to tightly as our identity are no longer in our field.

My purpose is my passion, my passion is my service and I am HERE to serve YOU!

Taking you through step by step details of how to master your life through the energetics of self-love. Clients have been receiving results beyond what they could have dreamed of additional funds, job opportunities, more clients in their business, better relationships with family.

You beautiful soul are unlimited in your potential to create and receive.

What would the value be to you to call in your divine partner?
What would the value be to you to create a thriving and dream business?
What would be the value to finally take that trip abroad?
What would be the value to finally speak your truth and be seen for who you are?

More importantly how would this feel?

To wake up every day in alignment ?

To be so deeply connected to the divine root of your soul?

For life to flow as a beautiful unfolding mystery and to finally trust you can take that leap into the unknown and try something new?

Remember those days when all you wanted to do was hide under the covers and cry?
Remember those days when you wanted to move forward and felt like everything was against you?
Remember those days when you just wanted to know how it’s all done?

This beautiful soul is for you if you have been struggling to put all the pieces together.

To finally let go of those burdens and troubles that you needed to hold onto

To wake up with a re-newed sense of clarity and purpose

This is for you if you are wanting to activate your feminine sensuality as a feminine leader.

Make these next 3 months count by pushing yourself out of the comfort zone and into a sacred container of community, support and the complete roadmap to have you shifting your inner core beliefs in no time.

Is this speaks to you, if you are feeling something in your body sister then reach out to me and let’s chat!

I look forward to hearing from you x

You are so loved! Abundant Blessings

Visionary Leader | International Speaker | Multi-Dimensional Channel www.zoedavenport.co.uk